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We build for families of all shapes and sizes. We’re exceptional at this because we understand people—not just their functional needs, but also their expectations and aspirations. Our focus on multi-family communities allows us to hone in on what matters most—safety and green space, proximity to schools, parks and shops; hand-selected details and life’s little conveniences that make a big difference.

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Green Park
Urban Living Gets a green upgrade

Located on Atlanta’s bustling Perimeter, Green Park is an oasis in Georgia’s urban multifamily landscape – 246 apartment units, 56 two-story and 8 three-story townhomes arranged across 15.5 acres of a former industrial site. But that alone does not make this large multi-family development special. The generous, centerpiece park of Green Park – around which the development is focused and its townhomes are arranged in a view-maximizing crescent formation – does. With ample acreage to play with but fourteen individual buildings to puzzle into place, the COG team did some significant planning gymnastics to pack every inch of the development’s space with something beautiful and useful: green space, well-appointed residences, amenities – with no opportunity, or square foot, wasted.

Multifamily can sometimes feel a bit like living inside a concrete (or brick, or wooden) box. As a firm, our goal is to try every chance we get to break the apartment/townhome mold. Green Park’s site – a former Siemens manufacturing facility – had incredible potential to literally bloom if planned well. So, we set out to maximize every view, create moments of rest between buildings and position amenities like the property’s large pool, outdoor conversation area and fire pit centrally. But most prevalently, we considered nature both a backdrop and a focal point – every building in the Green Park complex fronts the Park, and we used a panoramic NanaWall in the clubhouse to open it up wide to the complex’s firepit. It’s a serene, green wonder to behold just a hop and a jump from I-285’s river of traffic.

Speaking of I-285, with the highway within spitting distance of the site, we needed extra soundproofing efforts to keep road noise from invading residents’ sanctuary. Heavy doors and double-paned windows mean when each unit is closed up tight, Atlanta’s epic commute fades to soothing white noise. Additionally, the site itself provided some heavy challenges. When we began, large concreate slabs – ghost of the land’s industrial past – lingered on-property. We broke them up and intended to re-use the substrate, but no records of the structural features of the previous buildings existed. So, in the end we had to haul the shards away. It won’t deter us from trying again on the next site, but for now, lesson learned.

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