YOO on the Park

Atlanta, GA

Blurring Lines Between Residential & Hospitality

Located just steps from one of Atlanta’s most iconic spaces – Piedmont Park – YOO on the Park brings urban boutique living to another level. YOO pulls out all the stops. The 24-story high-rise features the largest living wall in the southeast, a vibrant mail-and-morning-room, a billiards room with a bar, golf simulator, pet spa, and skyline views – amenities that only a handful of other multi-family buildings in Atlanta can boast.

European Style, Southern Sensibility

This is city living that blurs the lines between residential and hospitality; an emerging trend we designed and built for in partnership with YOO Interior Design, a London firm with a legacy in high-end hotels. YOO’s 245 residential units were designed with a European-like efficiency and styling. At 600-1100 square feet per apartment, every inch counted.

We turned constraints into creative opportunity. Petite proportions sparked unique, sophisticated configurations in the units, many of which feature efficient touches like bed walls that hide closets and living room views designed to take advantage of interesting angles. Additionally, the site’s signature green wall hides a ground-level parking structure. The total effect: delight and surprise around every corner, a fitting complement to the building’s overall focus on park side living and high-end hospitality.

Lesson Learned

YOO on the Park sits on slightly less than one acre of skyscraper-packed Midtown property. Tight quarters forced us to get creative (and pay obsessive attention to every detail during design and construction to ensure the highest quality). The building’s timeline also created challenges. An original idea that didn’t come to fruition for more than five years, building code, style, and even contracting staff changed over time, meaning we had to be ultra-flexible. It was all worth it, as the building is a vivid, memorable reminder of our vision come to life, writ large on Atlanta’s Midtown skyline.