Center Pointe

Chesterfield, VA

The Modern Side of Rural

This residential property in Chesterfield, VA puts a modern spin on a typical multi-family plan. A mix of apartments and townhomes, the design has an urban, lofty look of brick mixed with natural looking materials—perfectly suited for singles and young couples entering the workforce.

Center Pointe Rendering

Challenges, Meet Solutions

There were some site constraints, with setbacks (including a gas line) and wetlands as well as a road going through the site, connecting two thoroughfares on either side. We were challenged with designing around these considerations—a challenge we are certainly used to. The result is a nicely balanced mix of units, pathways and greenspaces that compliment the constraints, rather than trying to hide them.

Lessons Learned

Oftentimes, our clients want us to design properties that look modern and unique. The reality of the budgets we’re given and the market rates of materials and labor sometimes make this difficult to achieve. It takes some creative material choices—as well as the knowledge of what works well in the particular climate and culture—to get there.

Center Pointe Rendering
Center Pointe Rendering

With our knowledge of past projects working alongside the Owner, we knew what they deemed as non-traditional and were able to achieve their modern vision by sourcing materials and colors that would have the effect they wanted, yet wouldn’t veer outside the budget.