South Meadows

Rome, GA

Building Lasting Relationships

Located in the small, rural college town of Rome, GA, South Meadows is the result of a true partnership between the townspeople, the city government, and the development team. First and foremost, Rome is new to multi-family and they wanted this property to have a real neighborhood feel and be a place where everyone feels welcome. With this in mind, we designed the site with an abundance of community spaces that encourage conversation and connectivity.

South Meadows Rendering

Connected at the Core

Community is at the center of South Meadows. With an emphasis on gathering and green space, the amenities include an activity center curated for kids and a community center where all can come together. These aspects sit at the heart of the development, with accessible paths that connect everything and welcome neighbors inside the fold.

The townspeople wanted a small town feel so we designed a cluster of stacked-flat buildings to accommodate front porches throughout with back to back units that look like townhomes. None of the buildings could be more than a few stories high and the colors and finishes give off a warm, cottage-like feel.

South Meadows Rendering

Lessons Learned

Having a strong backbone was essential for this project to be successful. Vocal members of the community sat in on many of our meetings and that not only allowed us to hear their concerns and desires but also created a sense of unity throughout the design process. We thoroughly enjoyed making connections with the people who truly care—and giving them an outcome they’re overjoyed with.