South & Twenty

Cartersville, GA

Beyond the City

Metro Atlanta is one of the fastest growing areas in the country—and Cartersville, GA is no exception. As people move away from the city center for a more relaxed and roomy lifestyle, Cartersville is reaping the rewards and appealing to lots of young people who want more from their home.

South Twenty Site Plan

Remote, Yet Within Reach

Next to a conference center and City Hall, South & Twenty will be highly walkable, with everything residents need within reach.

A typical garden style design with a low country look, the main pop will be the amenity spaces. The Owners really wanted a wow factor here, so we gave each amenity its own building, all of which surround the centerpiece pool. A homesite fit for the remote worker, we also included office spaces in some of the units as well as a co-working space in the leasing building.

Lessons Learned

Most residents in Cartersville, GA own their homes so we had an opportunity to introduce modern multi-family to the area, giving locals a low-maintenance, high-reward option. When we design in suburban climates, we have to consider not just the city requirements and Owner’s desires but also about fitting in with the local aesthetic and culture while standing out with an unparalleled product.