Walton Offices

Marietta, GA

Where Work Is A Pleasure

When Walton Construction asked us to design their new offices along Roswell Road in Marietta, GA, we didn’t shy away from the challenge. The site required a mix of offices and apartments, right along one of Atlanta’s busiest corridors. The area is highly walkable and high rent, not far from downtown Marietta and surrounded by local businesses, retail and restaurants.

Walton Offices Nighttime Building And Parking Lot View

The property consists of two buildings with several floors of office space and residential space above. The high-end, city center look includes brick on the exterior and large trellises on the residential decks with a wood stain finish.

We wanted the design to represent modern urban offices, rather than residential, so that it blends in with its neighbors and looks the part. Residents might take a cut on amenities but the large, expansive units provide plenty of space for a personal gym and social gatherings.

Lessons Learned

Walton Construction wanted this site to house their new offices so we were working with a team that were both Owners and future tenants. They got to speak into the design throughout the process, and really wanted something that has curb appeal and all the conveniences of an urban office. The biggest challenge was that the city required there to be a mix of office and residential space in each building, so we designed the property to mainly appeal to businesses but also speak to the career-driven.