Proximity at Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach, NC

Bringing a Coastal Community Together

Proximity is a place where people can live near the beach and water life, while also having access to a thriving social scene where the whole community is welcome. The space is designed with connectivity in mind, providing ample space for residents and locals to gather, get cozy and play a game of cornhole on the manicured lawn.

Proximity Rendering

Beachside Abundance

One of the local requirements for the site was that every building needed to have ground floor retail or businesses. With seven buildings in total, we needed to get creative with the space to accommodate these requirements and create an interesting mix of unit types. Several of the amenities will allow public memberships in order to meet this ordinance, including the Fitness Center and Spa as well as the pool. Other ideas that came to life: one of the buildings has a ground floor restaurant, another has an entire floor dedicated to retail and another will have offices lining the sidewalk.

A quintessential coastal town, Carolina Beach feels less laidback and less overrun with highrises than some of its neighbors. The area has a natural feel and we wanted Proximity to mesh, so the entire property has lots of greenspace and lush walkways where you would typically see concrete, such as a pool area that prefers grass and trees to hard terrain.

Rendering: The Proximity - Carolina Beach, SC
Rendering: The Proximity - Carolina Beach, SC

Lessons Learned

With any coastal community comes the need to consider high winds and rainfall. We designed this site with hurricane season in mind, equipped with concrete walls and wood mixed with steel and metal framing. Additionally, each building has its own special feature so each had to be uniquely configured, yet feel entirely cohesive. The Membership aspect also threw in a few loops so we had to account for manned desks, rather than just doors with key swipes, and additional gates were added for privacy and security.