Beaver Ruin

Norcross, GA

Southern Suburbian At Its Best

Located in Norcross, GA, this site was previously a driving range and has the typical suburban golf course feel with manicured greenspaces and plenty of shared amenities to enjoy.

Beaver Ruin Rendering

The garden style design feels right at home in one of metro Atlanta’s fastest growing areas and is close to the city for an easy commute. Appealing to the growing number of young families and singles finding their way outside the city limits, the property has a nice mix of units with 10% 3-bedrooms, 45% 2-bedrooms and ample 1-bedrooms.

Room to Roam

Stocked with your typical modern amenities, we also added a flair of the unexpected with a three hole putt course that harkens back to the property’s past. There’s also a scenic trail surrounding the site, giving residents a quiet perimeter with plenty of room to roam.

Beaver Ruin Rendering
Beaver Ruin Rendering

Lessons Learned

Similar to many communities, Gwinnett has specific design standards that they are trying to implement across the county, so we had to work within the confines of a strict design aesthetic and strike a balance between traditional red brick and the modern tastes of the young residents. We also collaborated with the Owner’s in-house architect, making this a true partnership that combined the best ideas from both worlds.